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The trip of Phuket at Thailand

  On May 25th,  a group of 18 staff from Shijiazhuang Far East started their journey  to  island of Phuket in Thailand.  This is the extra award to those who have worked in this company for more than one year.  Some of them are having their first trip outside China which makes them more excited and happier. 

“ to work as in a family, to work as in a school, to work as in an army” is the company culture of Shijiazhuang Far East. All staff are treated as family members and help each other either on work or personal lives. Also they are enjoying the simple and pure relationship same as schoolmates and work happily together, however when they do their jobs, they are like soldiers finishing all the work with care and in time.  This is one of the main reasons why our company are grow fast and attracting more and more customers  to cooperate with us and more and young people to join us. 

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