2017 Annual Meeting

Last weekend, on Feb 3rd, IKOO GLASS held the 2017 annual meeting. Every employee of the company was involved by getting his or her bonus as well as doing a wonderful performance.
All family members and some business partners were invited to take part in the party as a return with gifts for their support to our company.
During the three-hour-long party, there were different types of performances such as talent shows, singing, dancing or micro films, which left unforgettable memories to all people attended with laughter and tear, happiness and bitterness after one year hard working and great efforts.
General manager King Zhang gave a speech as thanks to every staff and every family member and also gave big Hongbao to those who made great contribution to the company with titles” the best employee” “the great leader” “the No.1 seller” etc. 
IKOO GLASS has been and will always be a big and happy family for all staffs and surely will make new achievements and get better in the coming Chinese New Year! 

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